AWS Dashboard Grafana - no multi instance?

Hello, having issues with CloudWatch datasource, so i created a panel with the cloudwatch source, i have something working very basic for memory monitoring from the cloudwatch ‘Agent’.

I am trying to create panel with multiple instances showing on one panel for example 10 instances with their cpuutilisation so i should see 10 instances of legend values one per instance recording its cpu utilisation, so i created a variable which shows 5 available instances and it still only shows one metri.

What could be going wrong?
Is this even possible?

I have attached what i have so far, the instances variable has 5 instances inside, it is only picking up the first instance it sees :confused:

I guess you didn’t select “All” value of used dashboard variable. I don’t see any issue:

Hello jangaraj,

That is exactly what i was looking for!

Thank you for your input

is it possible to get instance name as dimension/variable in multi instance panel? I have posted question here Trying to get multi value selection configured for variable in Cloudwatch EC2 dashboard I am not able to get instance name from instance id whenever I have multi value selected in instance id. can you please take a look?