Issue: Adding || grafana


Need help on the next error id: Column metric must be of type CHAR, VARCHAR, TINYTEXT, TEXT, MEDIUMTEXT, LONGTEXT. metric column name: metric type: INT but datatype is int64

Code that works correctly:
CONCAT(“WW”,week(created_on)) as metric

Code that get the error:
CONCAT(“WW”,week(created_on)) || “YES” as metric,

I want to use the series override, but on the drop menu does not show me the series of metric, so following this recommendation: Two Queries with different format in Grafana - #4 by danielgonzalez I face this error.

I really appreciate any help with this!

Hi Capjairgarcia,

What are you trying with || operator??

Link that you post is about postgres, in postgres is like Concat but no doesn’t in mysql

Thank you, Daniel!
I really appreciate all your material you published here, It is very useful. I am trying to assign an specific color to my metric, but on the Series override is not showing the metric alias.

do you need an override for all your data?
if so, you only need add /.*/ to series override.

overwise try this:

CONCAT(“WW”,week(created_on), "YES") as metric,
FROM test

and add /.*YES/ to series overrides

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Yes that is what I looking for, thanks for your quick help on this!