Query editor missing


I’m very new to grafana.
when i watch youtube videos i keep seeing that there is a query builder.
it is not visible.

Maybe someone has asked this question before but I can’t find it.

i am using 7.3.4 / influxdb / Umbuntu / docker


what vesion are you refereing to?

7.3.4 / influxdb / Umbuntu / docker

the editor is not as in the screen shot


Can you share what options are missing in your query editor? Perhaps a screen-shot.


hello, I miss this one. i can only make a query in code. not according to the settings and choices


is the problem now resoved?


This is a screenshot from what I should get
This is missing.
Only the option for making a query by code is there

Best regards tom


This is what i have, but not thé option to select thé items.
This builder Is visible on the site of grafana and in all the tutorial.

Many thanks for the help

what happens when you click on options?

which one do you mean

This is the query that I have.
the editor as on the website and all the tutorials I’cant find.

this is the options plane

best regards


can you install version 6?

Hi Tom,

Did you add your data source and selected it when adding/updating query? Here is a topic with more information: https://grafana.com/docs/grafana/latest/panels/queries/.

Try clicking the Edit icon.


Clicking this has no effect, nothing is opening.


Weird. I am unable to replicate that on Grafana Play. Please file a bug report in grafana/grafana.

Also, if you are in the public Slack, post this in #grafana-fails.

O I’m very new in this area
Please explain we’re to get the bug report so logfile

Sounds very much like the problem I ran into a couple of years ago.


  1. Try a different browser

  2. Make sure your browser is a recent release

  3. Try reducing the width of your browser window



Hello Antony,

Don all of that



Yes the data source is connected I can make a query.
I can make a query in code but not via the builder as in all the examples

Nog I make one in influx and then copy the code, this works but I want to do this via the grafana builder