Query Editor missing? Only Query Builder available. Help?

Hi all! :slight_smile:

I’m having a weird issue with my queries, namely it seems that somehow, without my direct interference, the raw text editor for queries has stopped functioning. The query builder interface still shows up fine, but if I go to text edit mode of a query, no text box shows up at all.

The weirdest part of this is that I didn’t consciously change anything about the server setup, and this used to work fine before. I haven’t touched this server in several weeks, and now it just stopped working? This is pretty weird.

The query builder shows up as expected:

…but when I click the edit mode button here, the query edit box just disappears:

I am profoundly confused and frustrated.

Has anyone seen this problem before? What could be causing it? I’m using Grafana 7.5.5, recently updated from 7.0, on a Ubuntu server.

Ok, apparently this was caused by a slow/overloaded server. Adding a few more cores and RAM to the VM running this Grafana instance, and rebooting it a few times for good measure, seems to have fixed it.