BUG: After Grafana Update 9.3.6 queries are not editable

I’m using Grafana Enterprise on a Ubuntu Server 64 bit on a Raspberry Pi 4.
When I installed Grafana I’ll get the version 9.3.4. It’s installed in combination with InfluxDB 2.6.1 and Telegraf 1.25.0.
This was the perfect constellation - everything works fine. On Wednesday this week Grafana was updated to 9.3.6. First everything seams to be okay, but today I tried to change something in one object. So I cklicked on edit.
Problem: In version 9.3.4 I saw the queries in an editor direct under the header for the query
In the edit view of version 9.3.6 the header of the query seams to be expanded but there is no editor!

When I now click on the header to collapse it the query is in the header!

If I would change something in the query I had to copy / generate it new and insert it into a new query and must delete the old one.

Can you please fix it?

Same at my installation. Can’t edit existing queries anymore.

okay, I found a tiny workaround -
if I go in edit mode of an object and reassign the datasource, the edit field for the query will appear!
It wasn’t actually intended that way, which is why it’s still a bug - so fix it please!
Edit mode
Reassign datasource

hi @oleterski :wave:

Thank you for reporting this issue :+1:

i see there is an open issue for this on GitHub.

Thanks to the new evidence you are reporting, i will mark it as a bug in there, and forward it to the relevant engineering squad .

:man_facepalming: sorry, I forgot github!!! :roll_eyes:

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