Edit panel no query


when I open the the edit window of some dashboard panels there is nothing written down.

Even the possibility to switch between query or editor mode is not given.
Does somebody know how to fix this. The problem was also bevor the update to Grafana 9.4.1.

Regards Chris

Hi @cbickel83

Very strange! Nothing happens when you click the “eye”?

by clicking the eye icon I can only disable or enable the query but there is no possibility to adjust the existing query. This behavior is also not at every panel on my dasboards only on some of them.

Hi, anybody an idea how to get the query editor back?

I had a similar problem. It occurred when I tried to clone a dashboard on a new Grafana installation copying the json file.
On the new installation the datasource was different so, before importing the json file, I had to manually change all the occurrences of the datasource name and the datasource uid.
For some reason in some places I forgot to update the datasource uid and the result was a non editable query.
Inserting the correct datasource uid fixed the problem.
I don’t know if your situation is the same, anyway I hope this can be of help.

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Hai perfettamente ragione, avevo lo stesso problema. Risolto. Grazie

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Had the same problem. My workaround was to copy the query code via the “query inspector”, delete the existing query and add a new one with that code.