Text Edit Mode in Influxdb Query

I wish to use the sin function in an Influxdb query. I believe that I would need to use the raw editing mode in order to be able to do this in Grafana. However, whenever I edit the query using the Text Edit Mode, any changes that I make to the query are not saved, and the query itself is not modified. Am I missing something?

What does it mean that query is not saved? Beginers expect that they can toogle between edit modes and query will be the same. But that’s not a true. Always use only raw mode and save dashboard in the raw mode and it should be ok.

I can’t figure out how to save the dashboard in raw mode. Any pointers are most welcome.

In the documentation found at https://grafana.com/docs/grafana/latest/datasources/influxdb/ under the section “Text Editor Mode (RAW)” it is stated that

“You can switch to raw query mode by clicking hamburger icon and then Switch editor mode .”

I don’t see the hamburger icon, what I see is the pencil icon which toggles text edit mode. I suppose that the documentation is outdated?

I believe that this is a bug in Grafana (I am using version v7.5.4 (615c153b3a)). Or at least it is very counter intuitive. So you click on the pencil icon and you enter the query raw mode. You make changes to the query and click on the apply button. Nothing happens. If you save the dashboard at this point the new query is saved properly, but you need to exit the dashboard and re-enter it to actually see the new query in action. Very misleading.
One way how to make the raw query run immediately (in the absence of a working Apply button) and without saving the new query is to click on the pencil to “Edit query name”. As soon as you do this (without the need to actually change the query name), the new raw query is executed properly. But it would be proper to have the Apply button do this.
As @jangaraj has reported, once you switch back to the default query mode, you lose all raw query edits, so be careful!

I’d like to +1 this. The workflow is very deficient in a few ways.

  1. When toggling text edit mode, the existing query will be translated and presented in text. But after making changes in the text, and toggling the input mode again, the changes are lost.
  2. There’s no ‘execute’ button for the written query. There’s an apply button for the entirety of the dashboard config form, but that’s a macroperation that doesn’t allow to debug the query (it’s like having to save, close and reopen an excel document to recalculate all the cells containing a dynamic formula)

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