Update influxdb plugin to add new influxdb functions

I am using grafana to create dashboards using influxdb datasource.
Recently, influxdb is updated to version v1.6. In this version, new transformations and technical analysis were added. This new transformations are not added in grafana 5.2 or higher. Could anyone please let me know when this feature will be added to grafana?

You really don’t need any implementation. Implementation of new InfluxDB functions in the Grafana means, that some new function names will be added to UI InfluxDB editor.

“Toggle Edit Mode” and you can write RAW InfluxDB query with all functions and options, which are available in your InfluxDB. You can also write subqueries, which are not available in the UI editor. Of course, you have to be an advanced user, because suggestion/autocomplete is not available in the raw mode.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: