InfluxDB query editor only displays raw editor

On a new install of 7.5.4 the InfluxDB query editor only displays the raw editor and refuses to show the ui editor, even if I click the pencil icon.

This is on MacOS, I’ve tried Firefox (87.0), Chrome (90.0.4430.72) and Safari.

When the page first renders I sometimes see the ui editor flash on the screen for a split second.

When I go to the Grafana Playground, the ui editor displays correctly. The Playground is 7.5.3, so I downgraded to that, but no change.

I’m new to Grafana, so the ui editor would be very helpful :slight_smile:

@aleheux Are you using InfluxDB with InfluxQL or Flux query language? Cause Flux version has only raw editor. You can see the query language type in Datasources → InfluxDB → Query Language.

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Doh. I am using the Flux query language.

Thank you for pointing this out!

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I checked and there is currently no feature request for visual Flux editor. If that would be useful for you, I recommend to create enhancement request on our github. :slightly_smiling_face:

Done. In the mean time, I’ll be rapidly brushing up on my Flux skillz :smiley:

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You can always use Influx v2 (that comes with Flux query language) with InfluxQL and use visual editor. I have written a short tutorial post on how to achieve this: