Grafana with InfluxDB 2.x/Flux - seems to be less autocompletey/magical than back in InfluxDB 1.x days?


I last used Grafana a few years ago with InfluxDB 1.x and it was amazing. It was so wonderful, being able to just dive into my InfluxDB database, and create these awesome charts.

However, I’ve just come back to Grafana, and I hooked it up to a now InfluxDB 2.x source, using Flux, their new query language.

And like I said, it’s been a while - but it seems it doesn’t have all the autocompleting features, or doesn’t seem to allow me to just dive into the data like I did before. I’m not sure if it’s rose-tinted glasses (ahaha) about before, or whether I’ve misconfigured something - but is the experience with InfluxDB 2.x markedly different these days?

Or is there something special you need to setup in Grafana to get the old experience back?

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I think the flux query editor is still in beta, but if you have specific places where the autocompletion and whatnot could be better, please do let us know!

for me seeing a list of possible variables in field overrides for display names. Starting to type ${__field would be great if it showed what I can place there. e.g.

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