Autocompletion does not work for flux query for influxDB


I’m using Grafana 10.2 on Windows 10 and are connected to a remote InfluxDB.

Although manually entering flux queries work okay, there is totally NO auto completion of the flux query. This makes browsing through the data very hard.

Is there a solution for this?

I know that flux support in Grafana is still in beta.

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Hi @johankleuskens and welcome to the Grafana forum. I read some time ago (I believe on Github) that having Grafana’s Flux editor work the same way as InfluxDB’s Flux editor was not possible or not created or something like that. I have always composed & debugged my Flux queries using Influx Data Explorer and then once I have it working to my satisfaction, copy/paste it into Grafana. Not ideal, I know!

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Grafana Labs de-prioritized this activity, because Flux was put into maintenance mode by InfluxData:

So InfluxDB’s Flux Query Builder seems to be the only choice…

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