Panels' query has changed much on grafana8.1?

I just install grafana8.1, and I find its query is very different from before;
I used to query on grafana as below before:

but now I can’t find this format, so grafana8.1 delete this style query?

Hi @south_wind

What are you seeing instead? Here is a screenshot of the Influx query editor on Grafana 8.1.2:

I am farmiliar with wath your screenshot shows, but mine is as below:

maybe something is set wrong?

Ah, so you’ve configured your InfluxDB datasource to use Flux and not the legacy QL. Did you mean to do that?

yes, but I install influxdb2.0, so I only can select Flux,yes/?

I think the query editor for Flux is just the text box for now, with that dropdown below it with sample queries :cry:

yes, but almost the same syntax and effect