How shall I show lines in grafana8.1?

I use “Flux language syntax” to write this query , and the two lines were shown on panel; but I just can’t set left/right y axis and I guess maybe it is because of the query.

My data is in InfluxDB,and its structure is as below(bucket: crency, measurement: closes):

Could you write the query to show “BC” and “BT” by grafana8.1 syntax?
And in addition, where do you learn this method?
Thanks a lot.

Hi @south_wind

I think some more details here would be great. Can you share a screenshot of what you are trying to accomplish? And what is your query? Have you properly added and configured the InfluxDB datasource plugin to Grafana?

what I can use query is only below:

and I want to query as yours(on your reply for another my question):