Port a dashboard with InfuxQL query to Flux


I am trying to port the dashboard 10577 (Jenkins Build Status dashboard for Grafana | Grafana Labs) from InfluxQL to FLUX.
But I am a bit stranded. In the query sections do I have to copy-paste
the FLUX query or should I change it somehow?

Second is there an online InfluxQL to Flux query page to migrate the queries?


Hi Yogos,
You’ll need the change the queries quite substantially - the two languages are actually completely different. I’m not sure whether there’s an automated way to do that yet. On the Influx community forum (and in their docs) there is quite a bit of discussion on this, so it may be the best resource.

Thanks Svetb,

I have seen that is completely different the syntax. My question for the Grafana is this:
In the dashboard has the field query and there is
“datasource”: “InfluxDB”,
“definition”: “SHOW TAG VALUES FROM job WITH KEY = repo WHERE “owner” =~ /^($folder)$/”,
“description”: null,
“error”: null,
“hide”: 0,
“includeAll”: false,
“label”: “Job”,
“multi”: false,
“name”: “job”,
“options”: [],
“query”: “SHOW TAG VALUES FROM job WITH KEY = repo WHERE “owner” =~ /^($folder)$/”,

In this I will put :
"query": "from(bucket: |> ....

I’m afraid I don’t have a ready-made answer to you @gkoloventzos (though maybe others here do). Maybe see if e.g. InfluxDB - Moving from InfluxQL to Flux language is helpful.

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