Query Editor vs GUI bug?

I am adding 2 fields together and when I am in editor mode in SQL everything is fine and my chart or table is working as expected.

When I change back to GUI editor ( visual SQL ) and try and change time range I receive a parse query error and if I go back to inline mode I see that an extra “comma” has been inserted.

I would prefer to do the SQL query in the front end editor but it doesn’t seem to allow the simple + ( its actually kind of confusing how it adds a new query parameter on a new line ( I guess that’s why there is a comma in the SQL ) … Is there a way to overcome my issue of the front end and inline editor not synching correctly with each other? is this a bug or know issue ? how can I save the correct SQL ? any help .
ps. ( I have no idea why I need insert (mean) before each value for it to work either - I’m really just wanting field A + field B ( without the confusing maths +100 ) …

You have to choose either the simpler visual query editor or raw mode. Grafana does not convert between the two. The visual editor is intended for simple use cases if you want to do something more than just selecting some fields then you have to use the raw mode. Doing operations like addition is not supported in the visual mode. I’d recommend sticking to the raw mode in this case.