Public Dashboard - Unauthorized Popup

I installed newest version Grafana 10.2.0 to get the Public Dashboard feature in order to embed charts in different web pages.
As long as I’m logged into Grafana => no issues.
Then logout and open the link from the public share dialogue

  • chart is loaded, data is available => no issues
  • after 5-10 seconds an Unauthorized Popup occurs for any public shared Dashboard

Looking into Developer Tools from browser this is caused by/api/frontend-metrics call which returns status 401.

This is pretty annoying but I cannot find any configuration to prevent / disable this call.
Any hints for configuration / setup to avoid this behavior?

Hello @weymann,

I’ve observed a similar anomaly on my public dashboard, which appears to be stemming from a call to /api/frontend-metrics. The development team has successfully identified the problematic code, as documented in this GitHub issue: Task: avoid Unauthorized frontend-metrics call when it's a public route · Issue #76995 · grafana/grafana · GitHub.

To address this issue, a pull request has been reviewed and merged (see [v10.2.x] Identity: Fix org role none comparison by grafana-delivery-bot[bot] · Pull Request #77001 · grafana/grafana · GitHub). The forthcoming release, v10.2.1, is slated to incorporate this resolution.

Best regards

Thanks for this info.
Searched a lot in grafana config what could be wrong but didn’t found any hint.
I’ll wait for next version and check it!

No problem. I just noticed that Release 10.2.1 (2023-11-14) · grafana/grafana · GitHub has been released, and the problem has been fixed on my machine.

Also updated version and working for me too!

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When will this update be applied to Grafana Cloud? Had this issue for over a week, still present.

looks like with the recent updates the issue reappeared.
Never had it before and now I have the exact same issue after updating Grafana to 10.3.3. Happens only in Chrome/edge etc. In Firefox works ok.