Recurring page reloads on Grafana dashboards, getting 'Network Error' and 'Unauthorized'

Recently updated to v10.2.3 (1e84fede543acc892d2a2515187e545eb047f237) and currently having trouble with the browser reloading the page at fixed intervals. Intervals are sometimes almost exactly 1 hour, sometimes 20 minutes. I have not changed any configurations, only updated the image used in my Docker container.

The error looks as follows:

  1. Everything works fine.
  2. Suddenly, 2 notifications pop up: “NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.” and “Unauthorized.”
  3. 1 second later, barely enough time to read the notifications, the browser reloads the page.
  4. The dashboard loads normally, no login needed.
  5. This will repeat at fixed intervals; I have observed 1 hour and 20-minute intervals.

What I tried:

  • Cleaned browser cache, cookies, and data.
  • Checked login_maximum_inactive_lifetime_duration and login_maximum_lifetime_duration, which are not set, so default values are active, which are something like 30 days.

The error occurs in Firefox; I’m not sure if other browsers are impacted as well, as I do not use Chromium-based browsers.

Since the error is persistent, I reverted to version 10.1.6, and the issue seems to be gone. Not really a solution though.

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I’m experiencing this issue too, ever since upgrading to 10.4 and now 11.0

Pretty standard install and usage I’d think. Anything I should look into?

We had a similar issue; a logout seems to fix it. You can hit the URL directly https://grafana../logout