Public Dashboard shows "No Data"

I am using Grafana v10.2.0 (895fbafb7a) on Mac OS Big Sur Version 11.3.1

We have public dashboard linked here.

The top component shows “No Data” in the public view, but shows the correct graph when logged in internally. It had been working for the past few months with no issues and suddenly became unavailable publicly last night.

We have unpublished and republished to troubleshoot, but it still says “no data”

The dashboard was not updated and no settings were changed.

I can’t help but came here today to log the same issue - i notice on your dashboard you have the same errors in the console I have, which is loads of 401 errors on the API, and the message

can’t establish a connection to the server at wss://

and also

message: “Unauthorized”, messageId: “auth.unauthorized”, statusCode: 401

I get this same issue on my server.

I notice that if i go to the grafana config and turn on “enable anonymous auth”

#enable anonymous access
enabled = true

then the public dashboard will work, but I dont want to show the grafana front end bit to the public either. Is it a bug or a permissions issue?

If anyone is able to solve this I would be most appreciative too!

Edit: Rolling back to 10.1.5 fixes this issue.

Hi! The error you are receiving looks like it is related to live panels. Does the dashboard you want to share publicly contain live panels, if so, it is not current supported under Public Dashboard (see here list of limitations )

Sa for enable auth.anonymous, that is not related to public dashboard, but Grafana instance as a whole (see more details here).