Grafana Public dashboard - 401 on Query Request


I have a simple Grafana Dashboard with a bunch of time series graphs. The graphs have one InfluxDB Data source configured. I have configured this Dashboard as Public dashboard.

When opening the resulting link in a Private Browser Window I get red marks as it can’t load the data:

When opening the same public dashboard in the normal Browser Window it works. The difference is that I’m authenticated in the normal Browser Window.

The interesting part is that this issue is present on grafana/grafana-oss:10.2.1, but it works again if I downgrade to grafana/grafana-oss:10.1.5.

Do I need to configure my InfluxDB data source differently or is this a Grafana Bug?

This is the failing HTTP Request:



we have the exact same problem, after we updated from 10.0 to 10.2.
All public dashboards with influxDB datasource are broken, with the same error.
The same dashboards are running fine in “non-public” mode.


Any Ideas?

Here you go the issue in github. Maybe in test environment you can upgrade to latest and see if the fix is in?

Thanks! Indeed, this was fixed in the meantime.