Proper way to update 1 variable using a same-dashboard-datalink from within a panel that repeats based on a 2nd multi-value variable?


Let’s say I have a dashboard with a timeseries panel that repeats based on say ${var_measurement_type}, a multi-value dashboard variable. I also have a separate “HUD” single-stat panel that displays the value of a query at one specific time - ${var_hud_time}. I want to have a “Update HUD to this time” datalink in the timeseries (repeating) panel that allows you to click on a point in the time series and update that ${var_hud_time} to that time value, such that the HUD panel updates.

Previously, in 8.2.5 (running Amazon Managed Grafana) I had this working with a datalink like this from the time series repeating panel:


In 8.2.5 that updated the HUD panel with the new ${var_hud_time} and preserved the multiple values of ${var_measurement_type}. I could be wrong but I also believe it also did not trigger any new queries/panel refreshes for the time series, only panels that were dependent on ${var_hud_time}.

However some time between v8.2.5 and Amazon’s Managed Grafana update to v8.4.7 this behavior changed, such that clicking on the datalink from the timeseries resets ${var_measurement_type} to a single value (corresponding to which repeating panel was used to click the datalink). I assume something changed such that a data link within a repeating panel only that referenced the variable the panel repeats on now only returned the current value of that variable, and not the global multiple values. (I can certainly see there are situations where you would want just that single “current” value versus all selected multiple values, and vice versa).

I found the following work around to prevent the loss of the multiple values of the ${var_measurement_type} by using the ${__all_variables:queryparam} built-in, e.g.


That preserves the multiple values, but on the second HUD time datalink update (not the first) it also triggers a:

If you choose Discard you can go along your merry way and further HUDtime updates seem to just work, but that’s pretty annoying and all updates also trigger query refreshes on all of the repeating time series panels (perhaps because their data link now changes? There’s no dependency in their query) - and those refreshes also flash (briefly blank out) all the time series panels except the one that was clicked on.

So my question is if there some altogether different way I should be going about this? Is there any way to pull out the “all selected values” of a multi-value variable from within a panel that repeats based on that multi-variable? Or some other method for updating a variable to a time clicked on within a time-series graph that doesn’t involve a data link?

Thanks! If there’s a way I can cook up a toy example on or elsewhere I’m happy to do that if it makes it easier.

Though my issue is dashboard links to another dashboard, not data links to the same dashboard, our “all selected values” of a multi-value variable would also solve the issue I’m running into I mention here.

It’d also be useful to have a hidden variable that auto-selects to ‘all’ but expands it as a multi-value variable. (example: VM focused dashboard, links to host focused dashboard, name of host(s) is a hidden variable based on the VM(s) selected. As-is it looks like it just selects the first available value in the dropdown.)

my issue: