Dashboard Link variable expansion

I’m attempting to use panel links to jump between dashboards. I am having some issues due to how the nested variables are queried. This isn’t a grafana problem.

Dashboard 1 variable nesting:
var names: cluster—>host—>child
var values: cluster1–>host1,2—>ALL (child1,2,4 are the only values in the dropdown here)

Dashboard 2 variable nesting
var names: cluster—>child
var values: cluster1—> ALL (child 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)

I don’t want to include the ‘host’ variable or filter by it on Dashboard2, as end users could go directly to Dashboard2 and find their child process, if they don’t know where the child lives. I want to send var-child=child1&var-child=child2&var-child=child4

but if I enable “Include All Option”, a data link from dashboard 1 to dashboard 2 is going to pull up every child in the cluster, which is thousands. One fix would be to somehow use a “custom all value” that acts the same in a dashboard link as multi-value selecting everything, or give me formatting options inside of the Dashboard links> Edit section.

Another option that would be amazing is a way to reference all of the query result values without them being selected by the user.

Is there another way to do this I’m not thinking of? We’re using tags to populate the lists-- It would be really painful/human error prone to do it any other way as we have a lot of dashboards.

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short answer–the grafana team has had a long-term dream of creating drill-down dashboard capabilities, or something like nested dashboards. Right now I think the best solution is something like you have–using data-links + template variables as a workaround.

I’m hoping we can make this kind of work easier in the future