Grafana - Usage of variable narrowing down another variable values linking to another dashboard

hope you all doing good. Currently, i am trying to link my repeating panel (based on group names and showing groups’ SLA) to another panel using panel links including a variable (holding services’ names). In this panel link i used queryparams option with ${service_name:queryparams} syntax so that if i a user choose specific values of services, tables or graphs can be filtered according to those values at other dashboard and this worked quite well. We can see the filtered tables of graphs at other dashboard.

(here is the first dashabord. the user can select the specific services names and monitor them at the next dashboard. However i dont want users to select these names. Just click the link below and monitor the services that belongs to specific group clicked)

As i mentioned before, the first dashboard includes repeating panels and the connecting links is at top-left of every repeating panel. This link is same at every repeating panel. Here what i want to do is that since every group has its own services, if the user click the top-left link, at other dashboard the tables is filtered with services’ name that belonging to that specific group (automatically narrowed option of services’ name) without choosing any services name. I do not know but there must be an option at ${service_name:queryparams} syntax that filtering the values of service_name acoording to group names like ${service_name {where group_name}:queryparams}. Does any of you know that such a syntax exits or do you have any recommendation about how i can achieve this kind of linking?

It sounds like you want to use chained variables. Here are some useful starting points and example dashboards in our public sandbox :+1:

hey Matt,
thank you for your answer. yes, actually what i am dealing with actually is “chained variable”. But when i am following advanced variable rules, i can not filter down the services by ownergroup. what i am writing ( ${$service.$OWNERTEAM.*:queryparam} ) brings me all services and related ownergroup (which i clicked) in the url. This syntax sadly does not filter down services by groups. Perhaps there is a way to use this syntax which let me to filter services in ElasticSearch ??