Variables and dashboard link

Hi, I need to pass not all but just one variable value from one dashboard to the others. The problems I’m encountering are:

  1. If I use the link type as dashboard, setting the option “Include current template variable values”, than all the variables are passed. But I need to pass just one variable value.
    I could differently rename all the other variables within the various dashboards, but this will require a lot of works… Moreover I see that all the variable are passed, even the ones that are not present in the linked dashboard. As conseguenze a very long long long url that is passed and enlarged from dashboard to dashboard
  2. If I use the link type as Link, I have more flexibility and I can pass just the variable I need, but in this way for each link I have a dedicated button. Having more than 20 dashboard … it becams a problem.
    Any suggestion?
    Thanks, I’m using grafana 8.0.6


I’m also interested in a tips or solution to this question. It could be a solution for my problem described here : Constant variable passed in Link URL.

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