Update Grafana panels based on variable (variable reference to multiple values)


I have a dahsboard with few panels. This dashboard is used to show data from different sites/installations. Currently I needed to duplicate the panels for each site because I have no way to update the panels based on a variable selection.

I have the following configuraiton:
Site Device_ID1 Device_ID2
1 abc def
2 mnl opq
3 xyz ert

If I select Site 1 from the dropdown list, I want the queries to use device_id abs in one panel and device_id def in the second panel.
If I choose Site 2, then the other device ids (mnl and opq) are used.

Is this possible in Grafana? I read about Variables in Grafana, it seems that this is not supports.
Any idea if this is going to be supported soon or later?


might be what you are looking for.