Display panel(s) based on Variable value

I am working on a dashboard having multiple panel (P1,P2,P3…P10) inside it. On the top of the dashboard we have one drop down that shows variables.
I would like to show P1,P2 for the first element selected variable in the drop-down. Similarly, for other selected items from the drop down, I would like to show a few other Panels.
Please help me to accomplish this. I am a newbie though. Could not find a solution on Internet yet.

Just to clarify, are you wanting the entire panel to appear or disappear based on the variable selected? If yes, I do not think that is possible.

I tried to follow Learn Grafana: How to automatically repeat rows and panels in dynamic dashboards | Grafana Labs
This is awesome help. It does not suffice my purpose.
variables shown below:

First item selected “Manager”, get the following:

Selected second variable “Cyber Reporting”, get the following:

Added a new Panel, this Panel appears all over whatever is the variable value. I just wanna show this Panel for the first variable selected from the drop box. I may have more Panels aligned with other variable options. Can’t figure out a way.
Please help!

Any update or direction to accomplish this? Thanks!