Updating One Panel when Clicking on Another

Hi, I’m new to grafana and I am trying to build a perfhub for games. I have one panel that displays a table of all the game titles and other panels that display graphs, tables, etc. corresponding to the games. I was wondering if there is a way that if I click on one of the game titles in the first panel, the rest of the panels will automatically update and show the graphs corresponding to that game. Thank you!

yes, last week or this week someone else asked for something similar
you can read the recent threads.

the shorter version is, use data link in the table using ${} format to call for table value, and append those values to the variable name in the URL

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I appreciate everyone’s positive response, but from reading these responses, I have no idea how to continue. I’ve spent an hour now hunting the interwebs for how to “link a panel to a variable”, and reading about “data links” but nothing makes sense. Is there a simple example of a master / detail dual panel dashboard someone could describe the steps to create, as the original author has requested?

All the data link stuff asks me for a URL. I have no idea what to type here and I don’t want to launch a new webpage. I just want a dashboard with two panels and want to update the second panel when someone clicks on a table row in the first panel on the same dashboard. I am sure it is simple, but I have no idea how.

I found a litte example for you


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Thank you! This was very helpful.