Repeating Panel data links - how to get instance value?

I’m using Grafana to demo a project showing statistics for a number of Assets each having a number of Sensors.

So there’s an Assets variable obtained using a query:
select name from monitored_assets where asset_group_id=(select id from asset_groups where site_id=(select id from sites where name='test') and name='Test Pump')
This allows the user to select a view of all four of their sensors on a selected Asset.

Next there’s a Sensors variable obtained using the query:
select metadata->>'identifier' from assets_sensors where asset_id = (select id from monitored_assets where name='$Assets')

The panel is setup to repeat and the query obtains the data using $Sensors and $Assets perfectly. The Panel title works perfectly too giving the name of each sensor using $Sensors.

So the problem is when a data link is added, I want to pull out the, Time, Assets, and current Sensors value so that I can post it to another board to display more specific info about the statistics. But what ever I try I cannot get the Sensor value for the panel I am clicking on, instead I get the whole list, so the Data link URL:
http://localhost/Asset 1/{Non-driven end bearing,Driven end bearing,Gearbox bearing,Auger bearing}/1573187824000

But… If I use the Panel Links in the General tab with the URL:
http://localhost/${Assets}/${SelectedSensors} the value is resolved properly:
http://localhost/Asset 1/Non-driven end bearing.

I see that this question has been asked two times before: Current value of a repeat variable Getting a single variable from a repeated row without a response.