Need Help Configuring SQL Server Database Connection in Grafana

Hello Community,

I have installed Grafana locally on my Windows Server 2022 using the following link:

After the installation, I logged into the web interface and tried to add my database connection. However, I am only getting error messages.

Here are the details of my database configuration:

  • Type: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Host: IP Address
  • Database: Database Name
  • TLS/SSL Auth: false
  • Authentication: SQL Server Authentication
  • Username: Grafana
  • Password: password

I have left all other settings as default.

The user has the following permissions:


The database is configured to allow both SQL Server and Windows Authentication modes.

Except for the user permissions, all settings correspond to the Windows default settings.

I would appreciate your help with troubleshooting this issue!

Thank you in advance!

is this a global setting or specific to a database? have you given user grafana the following perms