DB query failed-failed to connect to server

Dear Members,
i face error “DB query failed-failed to connect to server” using MS.SQL Server database plugin.
Grafana was installed not in local network and firewall setting already open. I’m type the necessity information setting in MS.SQL Grafana. all correct but get those error.
In local network with the MS.SQL information setting, i can access the Database.
and Ms.SQL is not in Docker. can you help ?


What user are you using to connect to sql and what port?

Hello Yosiasz,
User, do you mean user account in Grafana? I am using user with admin level.
configuration in SQL is windows authentication with define user and password.
and the port is 1433 setting in Ms.SQL server configuration. I’m setting it under “IP all” and type 1433

An actual AD user and not a sql user? And that user has permissions to the database?

Sorry but i don’t understand this question “An actual AD user and not a sql user?”. do you mean in Grafana?

An active directory user or a sql server user on the sql server in grafana connection configuration to your sql plugin data source

Alright let me check it.
Also i’m check on grafana log and it is written " Validation of data source URL ‘172.18.xxx.xxx’:1433 failed:unrecognized MSSQL URL format : “172.18.xxx.xxx: 1433”
any idea about these error?
because we do local test and connected

Hi @grac3lordi,

Welcome to the :grafana: community support forums !!

I see that @yosiasz is already here who has more expertise with almost any SQL stuff :sunglasses:

I only take a shot here as I feel that you need to have:

  • Permissions to allow to connect to the remote machine
  • Permissions to allow read (or write if required) data as well i.e. sufficient PRIVILEGES

That might help if you haven’t checked it yet.

Hello Usman and Yosiaz,
thanks for your feedback. now i’m check based on your recommendation

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