MSSQL connection failed

Hi All,
Please help
Need help in adding a new Data Source MSSQL in Grafana. I am unable to connect to the DB.

It was working fine until two days back, i tried testing something and i reset the connection and it is not working with the same settings.

I am using Grafana 6.1.6,
MSSQL studio 2014 with windows authentication.

What’s the error that you are getting?

If there is no error in Grafana, can you check the Grafana server logs to see what the error is.


The error is Unable to open tcp connection with host ‘localhost:1434’: dial tcp connectex: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it…

This error means that the Grafana server (where you have Grafana installed) cannot reach MS Sql Server on local host. Are they installed on the same server?

hi danielle

big greeting

I present the same inconvenience that they report, but with the difference that in the local grafana version it connects without problems to my server, but when I enter my account from the same PC where the server is, it does not connect

in the connection

using the local ip of my pc I have the same answer

could you give me some guidelines
Thank you