SQL Server Connectivity Issue!

Dear All,
Presently facing the issue with SQL Server connectivity.
SQL Server Version: 19.2 (Express Edition)
Grafana Version: 10.2.2.windows-amd64


Host: localhost:1433 (also tried with 192.168.XXX.XXX:1433)
Database: db_WTank
TLS/SSL Auth : false
Authentication: Windows Authentication

Getting flowing error

Log File
logger=settings t=2023-12-17T12:33:35.6189269+05:30 level=info msg=“Starting Grafana” version=10.2.2 commit=161e3cac5075540918e3a39004f2364ad104d5bb branch=HEAD compiled=2023-11-20T18:48:41+05:30

The error log does not tell us much as it does not contain the pertinent error

Is the grafana service running using that windows user?

Otherwise you have double hop issues. Grafana service running as some local windows user trying to authenticate using another kind of thing.

Try running the grafana service as that user

Thanks. Issue got fixed.


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Can you please provide what fixed the issue?