Connecte MS SQL Server

Hi everyone !

I’m trying to connect a MS SQL Server 2017 data base but I get this error :

read tcp> wsarecv : An existing connection had to be closed by the remote host.

when testing the connection. I created a user espacially for that.

Any one see what’s wrong here ?

Thanks a lot for your help !

Hey. What Grafana version are you using? This may be an issue with encryption. Try and change your username in Grafana from <existing username> to <existing username>; encrypt=disable

This is a setting that you can configure in datasource settings in Grafana starting from version 5.4.0, see issue for details.

Hi ! Thanks for your answer !

I have grafana 5.2.4. Where I have to write <existing username>; encrypt=disable ? On the custom.ini after ###### database ###### ?

I’m changing from a MySQL server and it was working without any problem.
I don’t know what goes wrong here. I configured a rule on my firewall for the port 1433 too but nothing…


Ark nop it doesn’t change the issue :s

Could you please include a screenshot of your configuration?


Thank you for the time you are spending with me !

For starters you have a space after “jojo” - please remove that.

Sorry I re-write quickly for the screenshot.

It doesn’t work, neiter with a created user or the administrator basic user.

So your running grafana and sql server on the same machine? Are you using SQL Server 2017 Express?

Yep I’m on the same machine. I started by using SQL Server 2017 devellopment as it wasn’t working, I started to use SQL Server 2017 Express. I installed both of them.

Think this may be your problem, i.e. you’ll need to enable tcp/ip: Not able to connect my MS sql server Database Source