Unable to connect to SQL Server 2016

  • Grafana v6.5.3 (commit: 05025c5)
    Centos 7, clean install.
    created MSSQL User with read only privileges
    Tested MSSQL user via SMSS

#1 - Created datasource via GUI

Grafana datasource GUI test connection fails.
Tried all 3 encryption options - same issue
SQL Server reports invalid password

#2 - Created datasource via yml

Grafana datasource GUI test connection fails.
SQL Server reports invalid password

[root@uk-hq-grafa-01 grafana]# cat /etc/grafana/provisioning/datasources/uksql03.yaml
apiVersion: 1

  - name: SQL03
    type: mssql
    url: sql03
    database: ITDB
    user: ITReadTest
    password: "Magg1eMai"
      maxOpenConns: 0         # Grafana v5.4+
      maxIdleConns: 2         # Grafana v5.4+
      connMaxLifetime: 14400  # Grafana v5.4+

#3 Edited SQLLITE db to remove contents from secure_json_data

sqlite> select * from data_source;

2|1|1|mssql|SQL03|proxy|sql03|Magg1eMai|ITReadTest|ITDB|0|||0|{"connMaxLifetime":14400,"maxIdleConns":2,"maxOpenConns":0}|2020-01-16 14:59:20|2020-01-16 15:07:35|0|{"password":"QlNUQVhaZVN9AmPHW5muluPu1fby6nHNPeIxH4zRkqqCBlOfgw=="}|1

    sqlite> update data_source set secure_json_data = null;

    sqlite> select * from data_source;

    2|1|1|mssql|UKSQL03|proxy|uksql03.romaxtechnology.com|Magg1eMai|ITReadTest|ITWork|0|||0|{"connMaxLifetime":14400,"maxIdleConns":2,"maxOpenConns":0}|2020-01-16 14:59:20|2020-01-16 15:07:35|0||1

DB Connection is now successful

How do I successfully create a new SQL Server connection without having to remove the secure_json_data field contents manually?