Multiple tags in one link

Can anyone test this and tell me if it happens by you?

We tried to configure dashboards links with multiple tags but then the menu doesn’t open. Only when we configure 1 tag at a time does it work. We confirmed that each of the tags indeed have a reference, and when each is mentioned alone the list gets populated.



It’s working for me in 7.3 version. Was it working for you before or you just tried it ?

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I have tried it first time in 7.3

Can you send me some screenshots of what you see:

  • the dashboard configured with multiple tags, and how the dropdown looks, and how the related dashboards look?


Here is my setup :

In the second dash I create a dashboard link :

Then when I go to my dash, the following is well displayed :

But If I remove one of the tags on the dashboard link it doesn’t work, so the trick is that you must specify all the tags for the dashboards you want.

Hope it helps .

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that wasn’t my question (although I think that’s a bug)
What i asked was:

  1. Assign to “New dashboard copy” a tag “tag” ONLY
  2. Assign to “New dashboard copy 2” a tag “tag2” ONLY

Create “New Dashboard copy 3”. Add a links to a dynamic list of dashboards with the tags “tag” and “tag2”.
Then see if in the dropdown of “related dashboards” shown on “New Dashboard copy 3” you see BOTH dashboards in the list (New dashboard copy & New dashboard copy 2). This is the bug I am experiencing.


Okay I see, you are right, the tags are evaluated as “AND” and not “OR”.

You can open Feature Request on GitHub, it would be great to have this feature.

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Btw this is working as designed (not a bug)

Why is this by design?
Where is that documented?
And this makes sense to you?


In the documentation it is mentioned as follow :

So it says that it will match to only dashboard that have the tags (maybe adding all tags would be more explicit).

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I don’t want to argue on semantics, but - in english,

“to only the ones with the tags you enter” should include my example.

I would have rather written: "It will only display the dashboards with All of the exact same tags

So i’ll pass the word the the grafana website design, in the meantime you can create a feature request to take into consideration the « OR » scenario.

Good Luck