Setting up a Link with 2 Tags


I thought this was the correct way to set up a link with 2 tags

But i see the drop down menu but nothing is in it like you can see below
With 2 tags

But if i use 1 tag then it works fine(i’ve tried the 2 tags separately)
With 1 tag

Does anyone now what i do wrong?

Thanks at advance!
Kind regards,

I eventually found my mistake!

I thought that every tag of your dashboard has to be unique and that you have to fill in all the different tags in the dashboard link for showing the given dashboards. But it was the other way around.
The tags of the dashboard can be multiple (see picture) and in the dashboard link you fill in 1 tag and every dashboard with the tag will show up in the dropdown menu (for example the dashboard in the picture will be shown in the dropdown link of Vaten and CBL).

But why can you insert multiple tags in the dashbard links if it doen’t work? (does anyone know if it has a function?)

It may be obvious for most but i hadn’t have any reply in 7d so i thought i will mention it in here.