Migrate a v6 Table panel to v7+

Hi, I’m currently trying to migrate my grafana from a v6.* to a v7.1.3. As the Column Styles are deprecated, I figured out I could do most of what I need with the Transform and Overrides (to re-order some columns, or change their display mode for example). But, I have to do all that manually, and that is going to take a bit too much time when it comes to my bigger dashboards.
I’ve looked a bit into the code, found the migrations.ts file of the Table panel, and saw the // Todo write migration logic comment. Which brings me to 3 questions:

  1. Is there a way to have the Column Styles migrated automatically ?
  2. If I wanted to, would it be possible to code the logic for adding Transformations and Overrides when a old table is migrated ?
  3. Is the migration logic planned to be done soon ? If yes, any idea when that would be released ?

Thank you for your attention.

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Bump, I would really like to know this too.

I know it’s not really an answer, but you don’t have to upgrade your table panels to the new v7 table panel, you can keep using the “old” v6 table panel in Grafana v7.

To an outsider it seems the new v7 table panel is more of a “start from scratch” re-write rather than an improvement over the old one. I found it actually to be big downgrade with lots of bugs and lots of features of the old panel missing. I know the team have fixed some of the bugs but until the new table panel can do what the old one did I will continue to use the old table panel.