Has table-old (The old v7 table panel) been deprecated in v10?

When I looked at the latest v10 play.grafana.org I see that it does not seem possible to use the “table-old” table panel any longer. Can anyone confirm that this was a change in v10? I can’t see anything in the release notes or “breaking changes” notes about the deprecation of table-old.

I am currently on Grafana 9.0.1 and today I looked at potentially upgrading to a newer version (9.5.14 is latest v9 and 10.2.2 latest v10).

However, my panels still use the “table-old” table panels and the newer “table” panel still does not have all the features of the old panel (and probably never will).

I just want to know the latest version I can upgrade to without losing table-old


On an install of OSS v9.2.0, I can see it as an available plugin, but I have not installed & run it.

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