Pagination in Table (Grafana 7.0)


I am using the Table panel in Grafana 7.0. I did not see an option to add pagination to the table. The link shows a table with pagination but I could not see where I can define how many rows are there per page in the table unlike the previous Granana versions.

Do you know if this feature is not available in the Table panel for Grafana 7.0

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Paging was supported in the pre v7 table panel. But that feature was removed in the v7 table panel.

The table panel is now meant to be infinitely scrollable. So it should display the first x results and as you scroll down it should display more results as and when it needs to.

Personally I think the paging option should have been kept (as an option). Several features of the old table panel are now missing from the new table panel. You can still use the old table panel though if you have old table panels you can copy/paste them and continue using them.

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Just to better understand - is this the official decision (so far) - to drop the pagination?
If so, worth removing it from the documentation. I think in some 7.X the pagination is still there.

I agree that it’s a desired feature. it gives a “shortcut” link to data, which otherwise requires to guess where it is (in the long scroll) and conceptually, to scroll through un-needed data.

Can you please let me know how to use pagination table panel in grafana v7

To change a “new v7” table panel back to an old table panel in the Query Editor click the “Query Inspector” button, then click the “JSON” tab, scroll to the bottom and change the “type” to “table-old” and click “Apply”.

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It’s working.Thank you

What’s the reason for removing this feature? We have some tables with many rows (100’000+) that now cause Chrome to crash.

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I can’t see the query inspector option…I am using version 7.1.1. Could you please guide me. I am new to Grafana and would want that feature…Thanks

Have a look at this link, the Query inspector button is on the far right of the screenshot there:

I think this is a needed feature may be as optional. My InfluxDB contains 450k records for 5 days time range selection and when I query it crashes/fails for 5 days.
When I tried to query the InfluxDB data for 5 days from a middleware nodejs app with Simpod-JSON datasource, the app crashes giving below error:
FATAL ERROR: Ineffective mark-compacts near heap limit Allocation failed - JavaScript heap out of memory

If we had an option to limit the number of records per page, then we would have been able to query for each page somehow and systems wouldn’t have to keep all those big data buffered in memory or crash.

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