Dashboard Panels update on Grafana version update

I want to update from Grafana v6.7.3 to v7.2, so far I’ve run some tests and everything looks good.

I know the visualization area has been changed, so I’ve checked the visual panels, and they are not using the “new” objects.
As an example, I have a table:

  • its configuration only has the “panel” section with all the old settings
  • if I go to the visualization section and choose table, I lose all my override settings

I’m provisioning all the dashboard from a local folder.

Is there a way to automatically update the panels inside the dashboard without having to do the process manually?

I’ve got one more info. The new Table panel is in fact a NEW panel, in the panel list you can now see 2 different tables Table and “Table (old)”.

SO I’ll probably have to manually edit all my table sto use the new panel.