Code HTML on The New Version Grafana

Hi All!

I migrated my server Grafana from version 6 to version 7 and after migration I´m having some problems with configuration the panel in the grafana.

First Problem is the code HTML for customization of presentation for user to see the graphs and data information.

For example:
I have in the Stat Panel a value map.
If value is 1 then Up.
If value is 0 then Down

But, this doesn´t work correctly in the new version Grafana.

See the print that code HTML for propertie styles doesn´t recognized by Grafana.
The first UP in the print is the older panel, but when i migrate to new panel on the new version Grafana, the information is presented as the second box in the print.

How do I do? How to use this?

I don’t think Grafana supports putting html tags in values/panels. I would guess that the old version although it wasn’t intentional it did work in some areas as you have used it.

The only panel I know that did support HTML officially was the old table panel which had a Stanitize HTML option, but even that option has now disappeared with v7 which is a real shame (and a bit odd that a great feature is removed from a newer release).

As an alternative for icons you can cut/paste emoji characters anywhere you would paste text.

If you need to tweak Grafana CSS stylesheet I have successfully used Boom Theme plugin. You add a sort-of hidden panel on your dashboard and in the panel settings you can defined custom style/css overrides.