Grafana 7.0 textpanel html not working


Since uppgrading to Grafana 7 it seems like the text panel no longer support html.
Tested the sanitize_html option but is has no effect.

Iam simply not able to enable html inte textpanel after upgrade to 7.

Tried searching forum and google but no hints on this…

Which exact version of Grafana are you using? What HTML have you tried or is not working?

You say you tested the sanitize_html option but I can’t see any such option in v7. Perhaps you are using an old version text panel in the new version, what happens if you create a new text panel in Grafana 7?

For me on a nightly build v7.1.0 I have the choice of Markdown mode or HTML mode. And if I select HTML mode it seems to render (at least basic) HTML as expected.

Iam running 7.0.3.

The HTML is a simple include (which been running for over 2 years with the disable hmtl sanitize needed to be changed after every update :slight_smile:

I also tried to make a new textpanel with html and include, didnt work either.


After a “grafana-cli plugins update-all” and then restart all seems to be working.
There were some plugins in need of update but the text panel wasnt on upgrade list.

tried but didn’t help, can someone help. Thanks in advance

Hi, as noted in the Github issue, this will be fixed in 7.1.1.