Table Transform JSON Data Feature missing in new Table Plugin?


I used the “Table Transform: JSON Data” Feature of the Table Panel in Grafana 6.x to display Elasticsearch Data as a Table. The old panels still work in Grafana 7.0.3, but how I can achieve this in Grafana 7, if I want to create a new panel? I could not get the logs panel to display separate columns either. :frowning_face:

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Did you solve this problem? I’m facing the same issue right now,

The only way to solve this that I found was to replace the new panels with the old ones and customize them.

@rsdsc and @naxowork - you can also get an old v6 table panel in Grafana v7 by editing the panel JSON:

Create a new (v7) table panel, edit it and go to the Query inspector JSON tab, Panel JSON and change the type so it reads:

"type": "table-old"

Then click Apply, then come out of the editor and when you go back into the editor you have an old (v6) table panel.

This is with version 7.1.1


Thanks for the reply @codlord

yes, this is the only way, returning to the old table version.

I think that this is a bug in the new version.

No I couldn’t solve it, so I did it exactly like you: copy and edit the panel :grin:

It’s realy work! Thanks @codlord !

We have added a new metric in Grafana 7.1 called Raw Data to render raw JSON docs in columns in the new table panel.

Thanks very much for adding this feature, it looks great to me, however I have a problem to render JSON Arrays and it shows me a column:

[object Object],[object Object],[object Object]

While JSON array is:

    { "name": "package1", "version": "0.0.7" }, { "name": "package2", "version": "0.0.7" }, { "name": "package3", "version": "0.0.7" }