Showing the json data in table panel


I am new to Grafana, any help would be appreciated.

I have created a data source plugin which returns the json data. I would like to show the returned data in a table panel with custom columns. For example, for following json, I would like to show two columns(name, email) with the data. Is there any available Panel, I can use? I looked at the table panel but not sure if I can do that.

{“name”:“Mike”, “email":"”},
{“name”:“Bob”, “email":"”}

I am using Grafana v7.5.10 (e72061a129)

Thank you.

Hello :wave: and welcome to the forum, @pashamohd

A few things:

Have you explored using the JSON API plugin?

Also, if you are jus starting out, I strongly urge you to start with Grafana 8.2.2. Version 8 was the biggest version upgrade ever and there are some breaking changes. Might as well get on the other side of all that now :+1:

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