SimpleJson table panel not showing data

Hello all,

I am running Grafana v7 with latest SimpleJson plugin. I am using the table response only so I have three endpoints, / , /query and /search.

/ returns 200
/query returns a json array as suggested (columns, rows and type:table)
/search returns an empty array [{}]

The test connection works on the test connection page
However when I add in the panel, it reports as query error 404. No data.

I am able to curl the three endpoints without issues. Is there anyway to troubleshoot what could be wrong? There is not much logging and I couldn’t tell what might be missing.

Any suggestion is appreciated.



Have you turned on debug logging?

arh true. let me try

We recently added a Troubleshooting section to the Grafana documentation. Take a look, there might be some ideas to help you further narrow down this issue.

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