How to color a Column in a Table (Grafana 7)

How can I color the contents of a column in grafana 7 , using the new table panel? Annotation 2020-05-20 092613

I would like to color the User column RED. (These logs are being pulled from Elasticsearch)

It looks as though the elasticsearch fields aren’t being processed by the data-pipeline (mappings, tresholds, overrides). I’ve been running into the same issue.
When you add ‘calculated’ fields or aggregations they do get processed.
But for now it looks like processing the elasticsearch fields is not possible in the new table panel.

We’ve been able to do this with the raw-data option in the table-panel in previous grafana version.
But I don’t think it’s possible in 7.0 yet.

exactly. My @timestamp fields are not being treated as Date/Time either, even if I set the override

This part of the table panel has completly disappeared.

And the new table layout doesn’t support any comparable features.
This should at least be noted as a breaking change for version 7.

Sadly enough this makes the (already hacky) elasticsearch/grafana integration a bit more useless.

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aparently its planned to be fixed in 7.1, for what i understood.

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