Grafana 7 support for table view, "row document", json view


Tables that are presenting data from es are not function when we move to 7.
If creating new table on es source, setting to row document and trying by transformation to present table columns or by “cell display” mode by “json view” it is not function and display all json data as a “doc”

any idea ?

Thanks ahead

would like to add that this seems like a bug in the table panel.
if I take table that work before 7 and import to 7 it will show table and have all options to change fields however the visualization is not set as a "table. if I set to table it loose the required functionality.


Please file an issue for this bug in the Grafana repo. Thank you!

hope will get promoted :frowning:

the funny thing is that in the sample table a panel named “table_old” is used…|%3D|Torkel deployed website

“title”: “ES Log query”,
“transform”: “json”,
“type”: “table-old”,
“fieldConfig”: {
“defaults”: {
“custom”: {}
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I faced this issue because I’ve a table expressed as JSON returned by a query to a postgres datasource. Is there, eventually, any workaround to manage this JSON to express table layout and data?

temporarly solved generating JSON from server side (postgres) e.g. with a custom query where ${index_classes} is my template variable get from a db record field and low, high, value and color are the JSON fields to be parsed as column.

select * from json_to_recordset(
) as x(low float, high float, value text, color text) order by low

not a clean solution because query have to know the JSON structure of the variabl… bu better than nothing