The json view in the table cannot be displayed

I am using the Table panel in Grafana v7.5.8.When json view is selected as the cell display mode of the table type panel. If the json data is too long, the data will flash when the mouse stays in the cell, and the data of the json structure will not be displayed.
Generally, it will display as shown in Figure 1. Because the json data in Figure 2 is too long, when I hover the mouse, the json view flashes and cannot be displayed continuously.Is there a problem with my operation?

I also want to ask if my version of the form does not have paging function. I can’t find my paging function start button.

Hi @fd2460755405,

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Grafana’s current latest stable version is 9.4.1 and the version you are using is a bit older now. Also, there are numerous bug fixes and improvements had been made along the releases (see Changelog)

The recommendation would be to test this in the recent stable version and if that does not work then feel free to report it here. (for now, I will now close this issue).

I try to try the new version.Thank you for your reply.