Labels in graphs

Hello all, I would like to know if this is possible:

I have a report filling a database that contains the temperature from my house, I’m returning all the temperatures with “SELECT “value” FROM “temperature” WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY “nodeId”” , this puts all values in the graph, then I use the Alias “Sensor $tag_nodeId” and I end up with a line for “Sensor 1”, “Sensor 2”, etc… Can I translate this values to somting like 1 = Living Room, 2 = Kitchen… etc?

Also I added the variables to the Dashboard config, but in the drop down I see 1,2,3,4… And I would like Living Room, Kitchen etc… I used this to create dynamic grafs with " Repeat For each value of"… and it would be nice to have the graph title with that info also.

Is this possible in a dynamic way? Or I have to create a graph for each sensor and assign the nodeid hardcoded in the “where”?

Thank You

Hi @soloam,

This is not possible right now.

You will have get the text values “Living Room”, “Kitchen”, etc. from your SQL database, possibly in a separate ID-Name mapping table with a JOIN statement. Then you can show it in Grafana as $tag_nodeName or something similar.