How to Custom Name Labels

Within Grafana, I have several sensors collecting data, but I am unsure of how to give a ‘friendly’ name to the sensors below the graph.

Here’s a screenshot of what I am referring to: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Thank you very much for the help!

Hi @vanimox ,

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For naming labels you need to assign them an alias (where you name for e.g. a-complex-device-id = easy-alias)

Please check this post as it is also on the same topic.

Hope this helps.


you can add “label to field” transformation to be able to display correctly your legend value
or you can add |>group() function i believe to gather all your data in the same table.
should have the same result.

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Even easier (in my opinion) is to use a transformation (Standard options > Display name):

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I need exactly what the override above does but I’d need it on more panels. Is there a way to centralise this kind of override?

I also need this to be generalized - were you able to figure this out?