How do I reference a query name as a variable for the display name?

Grafana V9.3.2
MacOS Ventura

  • My data source prevents writing KQL/SQL to directly name the queries. This leads to a default where the query labels to have a ‘multifabric-AB-total’ format.

I am able to override each query individually using field overrides to rename to just ‘AB’, ‘CD’, etc. but it would be ideal if I could reference the ‘query name’, which I can edit for each query, in the display name override under standard options.

When I try {$} i get {[object Object].name} for all of my query labels. {$} just returns {$} as a static name for all query labels.
I’ve tried referencing this document but am not finding any success. Has anyone found a way to do this? It feels like something that should have a standard reference.